The Duche of Bicolline

The Duché of Bicolline is the world’s largest medieval fantasy immersive site. Located in the foothills of northern Quebec, it covers almost 140 hectares of forest and includes an entire village with hundreds of permanent buildings, including a fully functional inn, a magic tower, a library and countless other buildings…

In 2024, Ultimacy – Official Partner of the Duché of Bicolline – invites you to experience this adventure by joining “The Great Crossing” and take advantage of unique and exclusive package deals.

Join the adventure and one of the Guilds of the New World!

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Your stay in the Duché of Bicolline offers almost as many activities as there are participants. Your character will find himself in a world rich in peoples, legends and intrigue. You’ll take part in epic battles involving armies of over 1,500 warriors. Forge alliances and advance your guild’s cause. You can discover and gather resources.

In the Duché of Bicolline, you’ll make new friends from all over the world. You’ll also enjoy live music, a jovial atmosphere and plenty of activities in a unique, magical and immersive setting.

The world's largest medieval-fantasy site, with 2 villages spread over 140 hectares in the heart of the Canadian forest.
Encounters, events, games, tournaments, parties and banquets, moments of sharing to experience an extraordinary playful immersion.
Epic stories, colorful characters, orcs, elves, mages, knights... adventure and mystery. The World of Bicolline is rich and vast!

La Grande Bataille 2024

The Great Battle of Bicolline is the peak immersive annual event at the heart of North America’s largest medieval-fantasy gathering! Whether it’s for the control of the Fortress, the capture of control points or the total elimination of opposing forces, each battle scenario is unique. Some jousts involve small numbers, and some battles bring together thousands of participants!

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