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An immersive stay in the medieval fantasy world of Bicolline

In 2024, come celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Duché of Bicolline and take part in the 27ᵉ edition of the “Great Battle “on a fantastic medieval site, unique in the world (Quebec).
Official partner of the Duché, Ultimacy “The Great Crossing™” offers you a unique & exclusive stay.

In Canada, over 140 hectares, the world's largest medieval-fantasy immersive site for the most incredible adventures.
La Grande Bataille 2024 celebrates the Duché's 30th anniversary. 10 days of adventure, games and immersion in the world of Bicolline.
Bring in your lore and join the peoples and guilds of the New World to cross the Great Ocean to Bicolline.

"The Great Crossing™"

Ultimacy – Official Partner of the Duché of Bicolline – invites you to make “The Great Crossing™” and discover the Duché, celebrate Bicolline’s 30th anniversary and take part in the Great Battle 2024.
Ultimacy is a french based larp company and its team is joyfully creating larps for more than 25 years !

The Exclusive Package Deals
"The Great Crossing™"

By choosing to use our services, you’ll benefit from a series of exclusive offers to help you experience the Grande Bataille 2024 in the best possible conditions: airport pick-up, transfers to Bicolline, early arrival, accommodation at the only Inn of Bicolline, showers, etc.

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Key features

Dates 2024 :
Arrival on location August 9th.
Event from August 11th to 17th, 2024
(10 days / 9 nights)

Available tickets :
30 exclusive tickets for the the Bicolline Inn
20 exclusive tickets for medieval tents

Food & accommodation:
2 meals per day included (breakfast + diner)

Prices & booking :
Starts at €1480 per person (Early Bird deal)
Booking deposit – multipayment (PayPal).

Location :
Duché de Bicolline – 1480 Chem. Principal, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC G0X 1N0, Canada

Exclusive Package Deals as Official Bicolline partner:
Lore, Guild, Coins, Bicolline pint, early arrival, shower card,…


Got questions ?

To simplify the organization of your trip and your stay on site, take advantage of an all-inclusive and exclusive offer negotiated with Bicolline.

By taking one of our package deals, you join “The Great Crossing” and become part of the New World people on their way to the Duché. We’ll pick you up on arrival at Montreal airport and take you to the Duché, where your spot has been prepared.

As soon as you book, we’ll get in touch with you to help you prepare for your stay and your adventure. Discuss your character, what you like, what Guild you want to join, what lore you want to bring (if you already have one).

A Live action immersive adventure among 4500+ people. Play as you like, enjoy contests, concerts, quests, and the Epic Grande bataille !

For the 30th anniversary of the Duchy of Bicolline, we’re offering exclusive Package Deals (only 54!). They include:
– pick-up from Montreal airport (for those arriving by plane)
– accommodation at the Inn (32 beds) or New Wolrd tented camp (20 spots availalbe)
– access to the Inn (New World Embassy)
– Meals
– Early arrival for the event
– your purse (30 coins)
– your Bicolline mug
– your 10-shower card
– exclusive New World resources for the game
– scenario integration into New World lore
– integration into one of the New World Guilds

Official partner

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